Future Proofing

Pat Flynn's presentation on How to Become Future Proof 

Principle 1: People Want Convenience

  • In the Past: Era of Availability. The idea that something convenient is made available to the consumer, i.e sliced bread. 
  • In the Present: Era of On-Demand. We want instant gratification as seen from the demise of movie stores and rise of Netflix. Amazon has embraced this with Amazon Dash, a button you can place in your home that orders a specific item with a simple click. 
  • In the Future: Era of Initiative. Understanding the audience that you're serving, asking yourself what can save them time and effort, and finding out how you can do that for them before they ask. Amazon does this with targeted ads based off algorithms. Trunk Club does this with personal tailors that recommend clothes to you for specific occasions, such as Pat Flynn's speaking engagements. 

Principle 2: People Want to be Heard

  • In the Past: The Opportunity to Speak. This came in the form of things like suggestion boxes, but are rarely taken seriously. 
  • In the Present: The Expectation of a Response. 42% of people using social media expect a response within 60 minutes. 72% of people who complain on Twitter expect a response within 60 minutes. 50% of people over email expect a response within 12 hours. The average email response time is 44 hours. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines updates how long it will take for you to get a reply on their twitter page every 5 minutes. This is excellent customer service. 
  • In the Future: The Wassup. An informal, personalized, and unexpected connection with your audience. Tweeting them a video response, or writing them personalized letters. 

Principle 3: People Want to be Loved

  • In the Past: Automated Appreciation. Like "Thank You" on a to-go bag or receipt, this isn't personal because it happens for everyone. 
  • In the Present: Personalized Appreciation. Creating personalized thank you messages. Today this is effective, and people love it. 
  • In the Future: Public Recognition. If you have a content creator that has helped you, feature that person and thank them publicly. It'll show you care about and listen to your audience, and give the rest of your audience a figure to relate to. This has the benefit of creating raving fans within your audience. 
To survive the future, we must go back to what has always worked in the past: caring, community, and making people feel special.
— Pat Flynn

Future Trap 1: Fear of Rejection

Rejection is a trial of success. It took Back to the Future 40 attempts to get backed for production. That's 39 rejections. Keep going, and embrace rejection as a step closer to success. 

Future Trap 2: Money 1st Mentality

Money is important but you can't give it a higher priority than serving your audience. Your earnings are a byproduct of how well you serve your audience. 

Future Trap 3: Haters Gonna Hate

There will always be haters in your life. Don't confuse disrespectful shit-stirrers with those helping you by providing constructive criticisms. Ignore the former and embrace the latter. Every second you waste on a hater is a second not given to those who actually need you. 

Future Trap 4: The Pursuit of Perfection

When you're trying to be perfect you're wasting your time not giving to your audience. Make it great and just ship it. You can work with your champion users to perfect something over time, but it's more important to just get it to them. Nothing will ever be perfect.