Future Proofing

Pat Flynn's presentation on How to Become Future Proof 

Principle 1: People Want Convenience

  • In the Past: Era of Availability. The idea that something convenient is made available to the consumer, i.e sliced bread. 
  • In the Present: Era of On-Demand. We want instant gratification as seen from the demise of movie stores and rise of Netflix. Amazon has embraced this with Amazon Dash, a button you can place in your home that orders a specific item with a simple click. 
  • In the Future: Era of Initiative. Understanding the audience that you're serving, asking yourself what can save them time and effort, and finding out how you can do that for them before they ask. Amazon does this with targeted ads based off algorithms. Trunk Club does this with personal tailors that recommend clothes to you for specific occasions, such as Pat Flynn's speaking engagements. 
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