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Sustainable Forest Management (NR 414) "Forest Management Plan for the Valencia Forested Property"

January 2014-March 2014

The capstone forestry class is oriented around the development of a mock management plan for a real piece of timberland the university owns in Santa Cruz. The many facets of a forest and the management it requires to operate sustainably and profitably are intended to come together in the plan. 

I worked independently on this project, and gained valuable experience in management planning. I learned how to organize and structure work flow and the documentation process. I gained an appreciation for the amount and variety of knowledge that is needed to prepare site-specific prescriptions on a large piece of property. To conduct operations that have such a large impact on the environment should require much foresight, and this project gave me an excellent form of preparation. To see a digital copy of this project, click the image to the right. 

Skills Developed:

  • Document preparation
  • Working independently to meet deadlines
  • Mapping with ArcGIS 10.1
  • Thinking holistically and organizing information
  • Modeling forest growth
  • Management planning